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Sunday, May 14, 2006

The Base

The Base. The Base. The Base.

I'm sick and tired of hearing this word bandied about by MSM, of all persuasions.

When did suddenly, we become this abstract, all-encompassing, totally ridiculous umbrella term, which is better suited to guys named Willie and Pete, rounding around?

For goodness' sake, I can't stand being thought of as a base.

It's demeaning -- like just another Social Security number or a statistic flung from the lips of talking heads, which my favourite funk-reggae group, UB40, liked to term, "the 1 in 10".

Please, make this "base" go away. Far, far away.

I'm not a base.

I'm a singularly opinionated, civically-minded citizen with a vote. And so are you.


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