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Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Immigration Hits Home

When I said in the blogpost below that the workmen were Cuban-Americans, I was a bit hasty.

The company contracted to re-do our bathroom, were indeed, Cuban-Americans, some fresh off the rafts.

('Balseros', as they are called, are notable because they all have a certain look to them -- very tanned, and emaciated, even years after they have arrived. It's the lack of nutritious food, and vitamins, which generations of rationed everything have done for these poor people).

But the guys who actually did the work, were Mexicans.

I didn't speak to them much, since I could hardly hear myself think (let alone, blog), over the noise and confusion.

But they were very nice, deferential, and though they stopped to chat a lot -- with comical consequences, since they were talking about my family and home thinking I didn't speak Spanish --, they worked hard.

In fact, they were done a day earlier than expected.

The thing of it is, already one item is faultily-installed, and the boss will have to come to inspect it on Monday.

And this is perhaps when the matter of cheap immigrant labour raises its ugly head.

In each of the situations when a recently-arrived immigrant has been hired by my family to do work, something has gone wrong immediately afterwards.

Why do we do so, despite these experiences?

Because we're cheap -- first and foremost.

But also, because you don't want to appear to be a racist or a snob by saying, "Please only send Americans to do this job. You know what we mean (wink, nudge)".

That's just awful, and obviously wrong.

But there you are.

Maybe it's the ethos of customer service, maybe it's careful training or apprenticeship with the latest materials, maybe it's just the differences in culture (including punctuality), but there is a noticeable difference when you hire a recently-arrived immigrant, to a born-and-bred American to do a job, in my recent experience.

But don't worry.

The good news with immigration is the next generation, is American, 100%.

And if they do something wrong, we get to sue!

That's the American way.


  • Assimilate. Don't live separately, learn our customs, language and habits (our does not mean white, it means our). Our pot is still melting, jump in, don't look for a separate pot.
    I hope I don't catch it too bad from others.
    Did they catch on to your being multilingual or did you keep it hidden?

    By Blogger Paul, at Sat May 06, 10:21:00 pm GMT-4  

  • paul: you're dreaming! Too many Pols pushing for separatism of ethnicities, and religions. And too many uneducated illegals who can't communicate and so are dependant on the Race Warlords for information.

    Time to put up the Fence or Wall, and get a grip on the problem!

    By Blogger benning, at Thu May 11, 12:07:00 pm GMT-4  

  • *sigh* That probably came off with more venom than I meant, but it's gotten so far out of control that I can feel my anger level rising.

    I work in a Wal-Mart. I clean. I also stock the Sam's Choice soda machines, do simple (very simple) repairs, add some muscle to projects, and so on. But my main task is to clean. Thus I visit the restrooms often.

    Something many Mexicans of the illegal variety should learn, before they tip-toe across the border, is how to use a US toilet. Also, they should learn that their offspring are picking up their shop-lifting techniques. It's not a point of pride, I hope, but the biggest theft items seem to be Spanish-language DVDs, CDs, and work clothes.

    How do I know? Because I find the empty packaging in the restroom trash. I find the cast-off clothes there, too.

    And, because, it seems, Mexican sewer systems are notoriously poor, wiping paper does not always get put into the toilet. Sometimes it gets stuffed into the trash can. (Or on the floor, behind the toilet, etc! Yeesh!)

    You'd be surprised how many Spanish conversations I've heard suddenly stop - in the Men's room - when the stall habitue`s realize a Gringo is in the room. The only complaint my fellow 'cleaner' has that I don't object to, is the use of the handicapped stall, by our local illegals, as a shower stall. If they want to get clean, and don't leave a pool of water on the floor, "go for it!"

    I dunno, Victoria. Perhaps it's that feeling I get from their - 'arrogance' is it? - that we are here for their use. For their convenience. That they are 'entitled' to do whatever they please. Never mind the horrid examples they set for their young'uns.

    In my opinion, if the culture was so bad it could not support its people, I sure as heck don't want it being transplanted here! Because along with the music, the cuisine, the fashions, and such, come the attitudes that are ingrained in the mind and hearts of so many. The Socialism of Mexico doesn't work there. But the illegals are not educated to understand that that's exactly why they cannot live good lives in Mexico. So they bring the self-same 'Gimme-I'm-Entitled" mindset north with them.

    Guest workers? No. Same problem, as well as exploitation by unscrupulous Owners and labor types. Amnesty? No way! That's what we did twenty-some years ago. It increased the flow of illegals and still solved nothing.

    I do want a fence or wall put up. We need control of our own borders. And we then need tough enforcement of the law. And that means no more nonsense of assuming that being born here makes you a citizen. That's not true. Time to make sure everybody knows it.

    Catch 'em, send 'em back.

    I know that creates hardships and heartache. But when you break the law there should be consequences.


    Getting ramped up again, aren't I?

    By Anonymous bening76, at Fri May 12, 08:33:00 am GMT-4  

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