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Thursday, April 27, 2006

The Blank Canvas Of Larry King's Mind

It was a while since I had tuned in to Larry King Live on CNN, which often conflicts with juicier PBS and sports programmes at that time slot.

But let's face -- I was never a big fan of his, to begin with.

This old radio talk show host from Miami (WIOD, which frequently makes fun of his half-stuttering laugh whenever he calls in), with his made-for-radio sonorous voice, certainly has become the iconic interviewer he is, precisely by being a complete noodzh.

And I don't mean just from his mugshot.

He's so devoid of any discernible intellectual curiosity, that one gets the impression this is how he really is, rather than as a creation of an on-air persona -- one which would hide deeper waters, as is often the case.

Perhaps this is why he is so successful.

Whereas my beloved Dick Cavett was irreverent, witty, charming, and gave off glints of brilliance...

Whereas Charlie Rose, that other PBS legend-in-the-making, is an affable, cheery, unapologetically Southern, but ever so New York Upper East Side elitist...

Larry King is just a regular schmoe in front of an old mic.

Although he's Brooklyn to the nth degree, somehow that side compliments his metier.

It makes him seem hard-hitting, plain-spoken, and raucous (like Joan Rivers used to), but in reality, merely stands for an everyman quality, the poor Jewish boy done good.

Take his Monday show, which I actually recorded, because it was a special on the Queen's 8oth birthday, which of course, I had blogged about and wanted info for possible blogpost updates.

Larry has a very special pedestal with which to see the world, with such ready access to so many people of note, or at least, people who can speak intelligently of these people of note.

But his mind must be a sieve, because he asks the most basic cultural knowledge questions, which surely, he has heard of in previous interviews, at least enough to have sunk in.

He must reek at Trivial Pursuit.

Granted, not everyone knows that Camilla Parker-Bowles' nickname is "The Rottweiler".

Nor, by his obvious amusement at the term, must he realise that "passing out" from our equivalent of West Point, Sandhurst, means graduating from there, not having fainted or being drunk.

But surely to goodness, he knows that the Queen being rich, doesn't mean she can't be frugal as well.

As ever with Larry, you are amused at how he looks at the world, because it just is so unlayered.

Rich means never having to save.

Pretty means that you are always popular and loved.

And being a male royal, means never having to lay down your life for your country. Or wanting to.

(In case you haven't heard, Prince Harry is set to do a tour of Iraq or Afghanistan, the debate of which has reached enormous levels of governmental interference.

His great-great uncle before him, the late Duke of Windsor, when Prince of Wales, was not allowed to fight in the front lines during World War I, because as General Kitchener tartly put it, "If we could be assured of you dying in battle, sir, we would authorise it. But we can't take the chance of you being captured as booty."

Harry is putting up quite a fight about the matter, and has threatened to resign his commission, if not allowed to follow his regiment to Iraq, during their year-long tour. We'll see what happens. Did you know that a member of the royal family has been killed in almost every war Britain has fought, since the 1890s? And certainly, served in ALL of them)

Larry King is just too innocuously clueless to hate, so at best, I dislike him, but mostly, I just ignore him.

He's rather like a well-worn chair in your living room, which is comforting, and ever-present, but you know in your heart, there are better chairs out there to fit your bottom.

P.S.: Every nation needs a man like Larry King though. Whether Lord Frost, or Michael Parkinson, or even half-comics like the late Johnny Carson, they are there to talk, have some yucks, and not to hyper-analyse everything to death.

On that account, I like Larry King.

UPDATE: LOL. Talk about erroneous spider webengine searches.

The Blog, "Booty Talk", just linked to this Larry King post, presumably because their blogtopic is what Sir Mix-a-Lot famously rapped about,

"I like big butts!".

Seems the modern-day, Ebonics flavoured definition of booty, is overtaking the older, greedier version of the word.

And not a moment too soon. Oh. My. God. Debbie.


  • Psst. I just checked some of my email addies, and as you know, I am a very bad correspondent.

    But I hope to reply by this weekend!

    Don't be disheartened. I am not ignoring. I am just lazy.


    By Blogger vbspurs, at Thu Apr 27, 01:13:00 am GMT-4  

  • Can we please get back to the nekkid photos, that mugshot of Mr. King, and that photoshop mugging of Sec.of State Rice are disturbing.

    By Blogger XWL, at Thu Apr 27, 04:49:00 am GMT-4  

  • I disagree, Larry King has no redeeming value other than, possibly, court jester. Though not a successful one.
    He looks, talks and acts like a failed pervert still trying to attain what he thinks is his rightful position as a hunk.
    I won't watch him; he scares me.

    I also recall one of the royals, was it Andrew? Serving in The Falklands. If there were any that shirked their duty, I can't remember reading about it. This during a time when they no longer are responsible for sending young people to their deaths either and when they well could hide behind their status.
    Good for Harry but - the freaking terrorists would have multiple orgasms should they get their hands on him.
    Being part of a unit is terribly strong and meaningful. He should go or he'll feel he can never look those he serves with in the eye.

    By Blogger Paul, at Thu Apr 27, 08:10:00 am GMT-4  

  • Larry King never met a tough question he liked. He is a lousy interviewer but a darling of the MSM for some odd reason. Maybe it's because an interview with him is always safe for the Dems?

    He's just icky as hell, Victoria.

    Yech! I think you're getting infected by all that PBS you're watching.

    Good for Prince Hank! Hat's off to him!

    By Blogger benning, at Thu Apr 27, 01:31:00 pm GMT-4  

  • Can we please get back to the nekkid photos, that mugshot of Mr. King, and that photoshop mugging of Sec.of State Rice are disturbing.

    Photoshopping mugging...lol.

    That said, what you mean nekkid picshuas? I give you more nekkid pictures per blogpost, than any serious blogger out there!

    I have yet to see one of Ann Althouse, and we all suspect that camera-happy gal, has taken at least one.

    I mean, if even Dr. Laura has...


    By Blogger vbspurs, at Sat Apr 29, 02:08:00 am GMT-4  

  • Argh! I am running out of minutes in the internet cafe, so I shall reply further later on.

    There's this weirdo near me, laughing like the Joker in the old Batman television show.


    Good Lord! Is that Larry King?


    By Blogger vbspurs, at Sat Apr 29, 02:09:00 am GMT-4  

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