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Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Your Mental Age

Having seen the following quiz on an online forum some time ago, I decided just now to take it.

...now, you know I'm an only child.

...what's more, my parents always said I was 13-going-on-59 when I was growing up.

...even more worrying, I have always felt much more at home with people WAY older than I, than with my contemporaries.

So I never expected to get this score!


"[X] I know how to make a pot of coffee
[X] I do my own laundry
[] I can cook for myself
[] I think politics are interesting
[X] My parents and grandparents have better things to say than my friends

Total: 3

[] I show up for school/college/work every day
[X] I always carry a pen in my pocket/purse.
[X] I've never gotten a detention
[X] I've watched talk shows
[X] I know what credibility means without looking it up
[X] I drink coffee at least once a week

Total So Far: 8

[X] I know how to run the dish washer
[X]I can count to 10 in Italian/Spanish/French/Ger
man and Japanese and Portuguese!
[X] Normally When I say I'm going to do something I do it
[X] Both parents trust me.
[] I can mow the lawn.
[] I can make adults laugh without being stupid.
[] I remember to water my plants.
[] I study when I have to
[X] I pay attention at school/college
[X] I remembered to feed my pets

Total So Far: 14

[X] I can spell experience without looking it up
[X] I clean up my own mess.
[ ] The first thing I do when I wake up is get Diet Coke
[X] I can go to the store without getting something I don't need
[X] I understand jokes the first time they are said
[X] I can type fast

Total So Far: 19

[X] I have realized that the weather forecast changes every hour.
[X] I have realized that no one will take you seriously unless you are over the age of 25 and have a job.
[X] I can read a book and actually finish it

Total So Far: 22

Add the numbers difference between your age and your total above. Your combined total is your mental age. "

My mental age is plugged at 32. Crikey! Correct!

That couldn't be right, surely, so I tried another quiz. See if you get a more correct result yourselves.

Another badass quiz from eSPIN-the-Bottle...

What’s Your Mental Age?


You’re a great person to know ‘cause you’re so wise and mature. Plus you’re probably good at shuffleboard.

The good news is, you're fearless, and you've got a healthy outlook on life. The bad news is, you've got one foot in the grave. Hey, that's okay - we're sure you'll be partying it up in the afterlife, too.

Take This Quiz!

Ah, yes. "Old Soul". That's more like it. There's nothing I like more than a nice lay.

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  • Looks like we can play shuffleboard together, Vic.

    By Blogger Ruth Anne Adams, at Tue Apr 10, 10:58:00 pm GMT-4  

  • How's your pinochle, Miss Ruth Anne?

    Mine sucks. Canasta too.


    By Blogger vbspurs, at Tue Apr 10, 11:10:00 pm GMT-4  

  • Why have I been getting oddly linked to, recently?

    Is it a kind of crawling link thingie (I think called spiders, right?), that picks up on certain words, and links to their site?

    Not unwelcome, in terms of NZ Bear Ecosystem, but still troubling.


    By Blogger vbspurs, at Wed Apr 11, 03:26:00 am GMT-4  

  • Trackback spam. Folks trying to boost their Google pagerank with bogus links to their fake blogs...

    I'd delete them, if possible.

    By Blogger JSU, at Wed Apr 11, 03:59:00 am GMT-4  

  • Trackback spam. Folks trying to boost their Google pagerank with bogus links to their fake blogs...

    I'd delete them, if possible.

    Yeah, but I kinda like them...*g*.


    By Blogger vbspurs, at Wed Apr 11, 04:01:00 am GMT-4  

  • Heh, my mental age came out as Teen!11!!1one!11!!

    That's about right, TBH.

    By Blogger Kullrad, at Wed Apr 11, 05:37:00 am GMT-4  

  • Yup, teen for me too. Yay.

    By Blogger madcynic, at Wed Apr 11, 08:36:00 am GMT-4  

  • I worried about coming off all od and stuffy. Imagine my angst at my results!

    "RESULT: Infant

    You love to get pampered, take lots of naps, and eat mashed bananas. Okay, we’re only speculating on the mashed bananas.

    And really, there's nothing wrong with that stuff. You love to be comfortable and close to the people you love. That stuff's all great! Just be sure to change your diaper every once in a while."

    I think I'm gonna go get my blankie!

    By Blogger benning, at Wed Apr 11, 06:47:00 pm GMT-4  

  • Of course the top quiz gave my age as 51, which I am, but my mother says I'm about 12, so what does it all mean?

    By Blogger benning, at Wed Apr 11, 07:15:00 pm GMT-4  

  • I'm a teen! Damn, 10 pm curfew.

    By Blogger Renato, at Wed Apr 11, 08:09:00 pm GMT-4  

  • My mental age is plugged at 32. Crikey! Correct!
    That couldn't be right, surely, so I tried another quiz.

    Of course it's not right.
    You'll always get your age, no matter what your score.

    And now, since on the other test I'm a 7 years old child (toldja!), you're therefore my granny, and I greet you with this song. (Sorry, couldn't find a song named "grandma", this one will have to do).


    By Blogger El Kot, at Wed Apr 11, 10:16:00 pm GMT-4  

  • Okay, we have teens and children.

    And it's interesting that the only two women who replied are Old Souls.

    They say that women mature faster than men, and boy, do we have proof of that today. *g*

    (Thanks Elko! I liked that ;)


    By Blogger vbspurs, at Thu Apr 12, 02:24:00 am GMT-4  

  • um. well but the first quiz that you take is going to give you your exact age. because, you are thirty two. and it said twenty two. and told you to add in the difference. so, 32-22=10. 22+10=32.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at Wed Jul 16, 06:27:00 pm GMT-4  

  • Then your real age is about the same as mine... You are about 13 years now (8th month, 2008), and I turn 13 soon! According to that quiz, my mental age should be about your mental age minus my real age... figure out yourself. And btw, i know this thingy is really old, but i dont care. I write what i want, where i want, even if the consequences may be unpleasant...

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at Wed Aug 13, 09:25:00 am GMT-4  

  • What 'unpleasant' consequences is it you speak of? I can't easily see who would inflict aforementioned consequences upon you. Please, do explain.

    By Blogger Photox, at Mon Sep 21, 09:23:00 pm GMT-4  

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