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Wednesday, July 23, 2008

O-Force One

That's the way the press corps have taken to calling Senator Obama's plane, according to that irrepressibly bad writer, Maureen Dowd.

The king of Jordan personally drove the prince of Chicago from the palace to the airport on Tuesday night to catch his flight to Israel, leading a motorcade in his slate Mercedes 600 across the tarmac and right up to O-Force One, as The Chicago Sun Times mockingly calls the candidate’s freshly branded 757, with the captain’s chair embroidered with “Obama-’08/President.” As the senator got out of the passenger seat, King Abdullah jumped out to chat some more, as though the two, who had only met in passing on the Hill, were old pals.

Obama finally found a Muslim with whom he’s willing to be photographed.

Quite. Wonder if any veiled women were removed from sitting behind him in Jordan, like say, Queen Rania.

Dowd also reveals the McCain campaign internally refers to Obama as "The One", an allusion to The Matrix character, Neo.

Perhaps when you replace the US flag that originally came with the plane:

...with your campaign logo, a circle which resembles Senator Obama's surname's initial:

Maybe you have been serving notice you've been flying high on yourself for a while.

UPDATE: As this post is getting a lot of hits, some more info. Turns out there's a comic book "team" called O-Force already. Aww, shucks! See if this sounds familiar, though.

"An army of the undead, raised by Arnie, attacks the team. Ocean's legs are blown off. She begs Overkill for help but he abandons her. The Orphan parachutes in and saves Ocean. The rest of X-Statix quickly arrive as backup, thus saving the lives of O-Force. Arnie Lundberg is convinced to use his powers for good and heals Ocean's legs and the team is carted off by the ambulances.

Other members not listed include Ocelot, Orbit, Ooze, Oracle, Orifice, and Oink."

Fittingly, Obama oozes like an oracle whenever you get into his orbit. He might think he ocelot to his wife, but other women just think he's an orifice. "Call me sweetie again." Oink.


Obama's "Mile High Club"



  • Obama has a lot of money to spare. On silly paint jobs, among other things. Now if he could just get his wife some personality lessons ...

    By Blogger benning, at Wed Jul 23, 03:15:00 pm GMT-4  

  • Barry's wink-free pomposity is begging for comic deflation. But with most of the pros either cheerleading or afraid of spurious racism charges, who's left?

    Pajama-clad amateurs, I guess. But surely these guys will come up with something.

    By Blogger JSU, at Wed Jul 23, 03:18:00 pm GMT-4  

  • The closest Mrs. Obama will come to Charm School is when she goes over to Oprah's house.

    (Not that Oprah is charming, but you know, she's changed since the late 80s)

    As for comics and Obama, actually, Jon Stewart got in a great line about the New Yorker magazine cartoons and Muslim extremists.

    Of all people.



    By Blogger vbspurs, at Wed Jul 23, 05:00:00 pm GMT-4  

  • Obamessiah does have money to spare! On Olympic ads! Must be nice to have that kind of moolah.

    By Blogger benning, at Thu Jul 24, 01:38:00 am GMT-4  

  • Of course, you'd never think of voting for a Presidential candidate whose campaign material was based on the recognition of a letter that he pulled out of his name.

    You know, Like "W" for instance.

    It's amazing how many inconsequential things Republicans can think of to throw at Democrats even when it means they have to scrub their own memory.

    By Blogger Eli Blake, at Thu Jul 24, 09:14:00 pm GMT-4  

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