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Monday, September 29, 2008

Blue Star Moms And Sarah Palin

Governor Palin met with mothers of active service personnel this Sunday, at a Philadelphia "gourmet" food shop.

Here are some photos from the touching meeting of these Blue Star moms. Hope that Hater below chokes on them.

Governor Palin enters the establishment, and is promptly greeted by either a small man "in transition" or I just insulted a poor woman from Philly. Sorry...

Crikey, I have that exact Nike tracksuit! It looks 3x better on her that it does on me, though. Also, I notice that Willow is shorter than even I remembered her to be. At 14, she might be on the verge of a growth spurt.

Incidentally, I also have a similar North Face jacket. Unlike Willow, I live in Florida, not Alaska like she does, and am just a poseur.

You think Tom Ridge, Mitt Romney or Tim Pawlenty would get these types of gratuitously enchanted smiles? The hell you say.

Every time I look at photos of Palin mixing it up with the public, I know her nomination was precisely the right choice.

Sidenote to Team McCain: LET THE BARRACUDA LOOSE! She'll knock those Dems dead.

It's not mentioned what she was having to drink, but she has an addiction to skinny white chocolate lattes.

Palin listening closely as she inspects some photos of their children, brought for her to view.

Palin with the Blue Star moms: Nancy Harding, Julie Devitt, and Lee Anthony. Thanks for your children's service, ladies.

UPDATE: More info on the visit. The gourmet place is apparently, Di Bruni Bros, a well-known stop in Philadelphia. And hey, she did indeed have that skinny white choc mocha!

Republican vice presidential nominee Sarah Palin met Sunday with a group of military mothers at a downtown eatery, the third day of a swing through this Democratic stronghold.

The Alaska governor, along with her 14-year-old daughter, Willow, spent about 45 minutes sipping a skinny white chocolate mocha and talking privately with four women whose children are serving in the military overseas.

Palin's son, Track, 19, is deploying for service in Iraq.

As they sat at a table at Di Bruno Bros. gourmet food shop, one of the women, Julie Devitt, got a call from her son, Glen, who deployed to Iraq with the Army in December. She handed the phone to Palin, who spoke with the sergeant briefly.

Reporters were kept at a distance during the visit, although Palin answered one question about the $700 billion agreement reached in Congress and the administration early Sunday to bail out the financial industry. [...]

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