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Monday, September 29, 2008

I'm Staying In

I recently asked Sundries readers to vote in a poll. Should I live-comment during the Biden-Palin debate, or should I attend a debate party off-blog?

It's evenly drawn at 5 Yes, 5 No, with 2 qualified Yes votes. The poll is officially closed, and this is my decision:

I'm staying in and live-commenting on Althouse on Thursday. I think Ruth Anne's kind words on the topic are the ones which swayed me the most:

Having you in the live-blog thread at Althouse is what makes it fun. It's like we're in our jammies, sharing pedicures, having pillow-fights and staying up watching politics. I would miss you if you weren't on that thread. PLUS: Your unadulterated Sarah-rah-rah helps me keep my happies up.

You know, I feel so much the same way, that I am getting a lump in my throat just thinking about it. Aww mush.

Anyway, it'll be fun! Thanks for the votes, peeps.

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