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Thursday, September 18, 2008

Bob & Mark & Sarah & Todd & Piper

"Alaska rocks!" 106.5 FM station in Anchorage, Alaska recently interviewed Governor Palin and her husband, Todd Palin.

You really need to listen to these two audio excerpts. They are so much fun.

Part 1
Part 2

(Via Palintology)

The two DJs, Bob & Mark, ask the Governor which of the craziest rumours out there are her "favourite" (hint: "I've got the stretchmarks to prove it. Don't make me prove it!"), and they also tease Todd Palin about his daughter Piper's "the lick heard 'round the world".

The vibe she gives off when she's amongst her own in Alaska is simply wonderful. Unlike Barack Obama, her near contemporary, she can sound exceptionally youthful but it's not forced like his recent Baptist preacherman cadence.

She can also surprise in her slang terms.

Ruth Anne already mentioned her usage of words like awesome, cool, but here you will hear her say, "they rocked!", "BS", "you guys", "you looked sharp", "give a shout out" in the space of 9 minutes.

No wonder so many Americans can relate to this woman. She's one of us.

ADDED: "You're pretty close to dead centre", says the Commandant.

What are Team McCain waiting for! Put this girl out there shootin'!

(Via JCM)

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