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Monday, October 27, 2008

Media And Pop Culture's Forthcoming Implosion

I have been thinking about this for quite some time: what with legacy media's declining revenues, and subsequent downsizing, and sites like Jossip, Newsweek, New York Times and so many others devoted to a particularly nasty strain of anti-conservatism, not to mention the insistence Hollywood film makers like Brian De Palma, Paul Haggis, Oliver Stone have for making films which make their co-ideologues feel better, but which tank at the box office...I have a question.

If Senator McCain and Governor Palin are elected this November 4, will media and pop culture survive?

How will they retool themselves, so that their absolutely skewed vision of America, which allows them to denigrate and sometimes openly deride their fellow Americans, is not as evident?

Will they ever make a blockbuster film about the Iraq War, or President Bush, which isn't insulting, and is actually supporting of the roles played by our military or leaders?

I think the answer at this moment hangs in abeyance, but I have to say that the prognosis for the sickly patient looks grim. They know they are bleeding, but still they keep imbibing that which makes them rupture another hole in the lining.

They could quit, recoup a while, and allow themselves to heal, giving everyone around them a breather from their maniacal behaviour, but no -- they don't seem to want to.

I was always informed that the first step that you have a problem, is admitting you have that problem.

The difficulty with media, and pop culture today, is that they would rather slowly fade away than admit the other side has a viable voice in today's society, as much as they do, and with the same respect that should be accorded to them.

I am not exactly sure when this extreme bifurcation happened. Perhaps it is true what someone once said, that we won the Cold War abroad, but lost the cultural cold war at home.

A country's mindset is not static, nor can culture be.

But there is a disconnect between those who run media and pop culture, and the majority of Americans. They treat us with a complete lack of respect, they insult our intelligence, and belittle our values. It seems they think they know better than we do, despite often coming from the same background. Perhaps they feel once they had escaped the plantation, that it was their duty to enlighten those "left behind".

I do not relish any kind of implosion on their part. I only hope they have the courage to step back and realise that what they are doing, isn't working.

It's time for a cultural reboot.

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