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Friday, October 03, 2008

Photos Of The Vice-Presidential Debate

I ran through all my sources to get you these snaps of the Vice-Presidential debate, including before and after shots, plus crowd reactions.


The Lucky Strike Alley in Miami Beach. I can't believe this. Why do these photographers hang out in the worst places in South Florida to photograph people watching the debate! For Chrissakes, call me. I'll hook you up.

Trig's momma has a big day ahead of her as she arrives in St. Louis.

Hey, someone brought their Rock'Em Sock'Em robot set. You know, I just missed that era of kiddie toys like the Slinky, but I do remember the robots.

You weren't alone in your prayers, Sarah.

"Hey, can I call you Joe? Or do you prefer Gramps?"

The Vice-Presidential debate of the century is ON!

The most touching moment of the night. Joe Biden tearing up for his late wife. He manned up and carried on beautifully.

This is shortly after the White Flag of Surrender moment. She knows she's knocking 'em dead.

Okay, just for Sundries' readers. One wink photo!

Note to the Liberals who kept complaining about Palin looking down: What, you never debated before? You keep taking notes about your opponent's talking points with a pen, just like you see here in her hand. Those of who who are debaters knew exactly what she was doing. Was it ever incredibly fluid too, which is darn hard, believe me.

I rather like Joe Biden, but man, that Grim reaper smile...

Biden Bingo!

High-fiving Democrat who probably just got Palin Bingo when she said "Doggone it".

On the other side, a member of the Young Republicans Club of New York listens intently to the debate in a bar.

A gracious moment by Governor Palin. Going over to Gwen Ifill, who is rooting with all her heart for Senator Obama, and thanking her for braving a broken ankle to moderate the debate.

Speaking of Gwen Ifill, did you notice me posting any photos of Jim Lehrer in the previous debate? No. And there is a reason for that -- she tried to inject herself much more in this debate, than Lehrer did in his consummately professional performance. And woman-like may I just mention that that sickly green padded housecoat has got to go. Meow.

Don't know about you, but I found the Heath-Bidens made a wonderful group of people. They are truly each a stunning family.

Rudy Giuliani, wearing his emotions on his sleeve after the debate.

Says it all.

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