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Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Sarah's Fashion Backwards Trip To Florida

Had I known that Sarah Palin would be at a $500 a plate fund-raiser in Boca Raton (a mere 1 hour and change from my home) on Monday night, I would've broken my piggy bank instantly.

Alas, I found out only when it was underway.

However, the Governor did take in the sights of our beautiful State today, as she goes on a 2-day tour of this suddenly losing battleground territory. She'll probably be watching the Presidential Town Hall today, at some Floridian locale.

Incidentally, October 6 was the last day to register to vote in Florida. I am happy to report that I personally picked up forms for 4 people, including two of my porters, and they should be registered to vote. I also double-checked if my neighbour had submitted hers, and she said, yes, thanks for the reminder anyway.

Here's the kicker. Not all of these people are voting for McCain. My neighbour is, but I suspect my two porters are not.

Did I actually help the loyal opposition by my actions? Probably.

May remind you that I used to be a Clerk of a polling station, and for me, the most important consideration here is not for WHOM you vote, but that YOU VOTE.

Although, I confess, that this attitude has won me one convert to the Republican side already.

I'll paraphrase a friend: If you're not pressuring me, that's more than my Democratic friends have done with their constant "Vote for Obama!" implorations, and even questioning me about racism..., at one point.

Look, at the end of the day, I stand for more than just a Party. If one is too partisan, it has a deleterious affect, even if those you are seeking to win over won't admit it to you immediately.

The only time I get to show people how intensely I feel about this election, is actually on my blog, Sundries. Other than that, easy does it.

Having said that...some photos of the 'Cuda in Florida!

I noticed the oversized bandaid the day after the Vice-Presidential debate. Wonder how she cut herself?

And check out the kwazy Swarovsky crystal US flag dog tags! Flashy. Dare I say it, she resembles her purported supporter, Dolly Parton.

If you think I sound unusually sour, hang on to your britches!

Okay. Okay. I will finally level a criticism of Palin on my blog. Are you ready?

What is she wearing? That is an atrocious Directoire white blouse, and my God are those black Capri pants?? She looks like a college gridiron player. Catastrophe.

The effortless affection towards each other of Senator Joe Lieberman and Governor Sarah Palin. So sweet.

A little bit better on the fashion front, though I've seen this unremarkable power blue combination suit before. A little too early 90s for my taste though.

She is easily outdressed by our Governor, Charlie Crist, who is even more elegant than Senator Obama. He reminds me of a pampered, sleek greyhound.

That's Governor Crist's fiancée, Carole Rome, seen emerging from the jet into Palm Beach International Airport, by the way. Not that most Floridians could pick her out of a lineup.

ADDED: Babalublog's own Cigar Mike attended the Boca Raton fundraiser! Lucky lucky guanajo.

Here is his blogpost about it, including photographs.

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  • Hi there -

    I just stop at your site to see the positive things that I can about the campaign.

    I have to comment on your FL Governor. He was interviewed by I think, Matt Lauer on NBC a week or two ago. I thought that he was extremely dapper. I also noticed no wedding ring and was surprised. (FYI - I'm single and that's the first thing I check...so it's totally part of me...*lol*)....

    So, did Gov. Crist take over (win) after Jeb Bush left?

    Do you think Jeb has any interest in 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue after President McCain leaves?

    I'm so excited about VP Candidate Sarah Palin and thank you for supporting her, despite her wardrobe malfunctions.

    Just don't ever check out my duds....I break all the rules Oprah says for anyone over 50.

    Have a great day, Victoria!!

    Cheers to you!!

    Peggy :-)

    By Blogger Peggy Gero DaValt, at Tue Oct 07, 02:03:00 pm GMT-4  

  • Peggy, you're a delight to have on this blog, and an honour that you consider it worthy to visit for your daily McCain/Palin happies. :)

    Your presence reminds me that I should write-up a movie review soon! Stay tuned. :P

    As for Governor Crist (I'm sure you know, but just to make sure others do too, it's pronounced Krihst), he did indeed take over from the EXTREMELY popular Governor Bush.

    Incidentally, in many ways, Jeb is the much better politician, but also can be even more intransigent than George W. Not too sure that would play to a larger US audience, for the Presidency. He also has a messy family, although he and his wife are devoted to each other. So whilst I think he might've had designs on becoming President, I think his son George P. might be the standard-bearer one day, for the Bush Family, not he. A Bush won't be elected to national office any time soon.

    Ah well. And hey, don't listen to Oprah! About wardrobes or anything else.

    (Just kidding, knock yourself out with whatever you want. :P)


    By Blogger vbspurs, at Wed Oct 08, 03:45:00 am GMT-4  

  • Thanks for the delight comment....that's sweet, Victoria.

    I appreciate your comment back to me about my questions and the story of Jeb.

    Unfortunately, I think that the Americans are "done" with the Family Bush (and not the baked beans family).....

    I am not sure about the debates yesterday. I just have this foreboding....like in a bad, scary dream.

    I just hope I don't wake up and we have the junior senator from IL as our next Commander in Chief.

    McCain-Palin would be the best for us now.

    Have a great day!!

    Peggy :)

    By Blogger Peggy Gero DaValt, at Wed Oct 08, 01:31:00 pm GMT-4  

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