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Saturday, November 01, 2008

John McCain On QVC

The SNL skit featured Tina Fey as Sarah Palin and John McCain as, well, John McCain. It was a bargain-basement telecast since he is "a Republican without money".

It was a decent skit, which featured Cindy McCain showing off the McCain "Fine Gold" jewelry for sale (get it?).

Consider this a place-holder for the video of the opener, and the anticipated Weekend Update video!



UPDATE: Yeesh. Ben Affleck is bombing badly, and laughing at his own outrageous over-acting. So far he's mimicked Alec Baldwin and as anticipated, Keith Olbermann. Awful.

MORE: Affleck closed the Olbermann skit very well, so I have to amend my "awful" opinion. The next skit featured him chatting up a crazy Target cashier lady as an UPS courier playa, for some reason doing a black accent. You fillin me?

John McCain did indeed appear on the Weekend Update segment, but like the Palin appearance, one skit was stronger than the other. The opener was far better. I did like the "Sad Grandpa" idea though. You'll see.

ADDED: I installed SiteMetre a few days after my original hit counter, but this post was visited by Sundries' 300,000th visitor -- from an Egyptian searching on Google UK. Somewhat fitting, I'd say.

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  • Quite apart from the content of the skits what struck me most was McCain's utterly relaxed demeanor. He didn't seem stressed, he didn't seem depressed, he didn't seem resigned. He seemed happy, relaxed and confident, without a trace of arrogance.

    Perhaps he knows something we don't. As for me, I think McCain will win Tuesday, and by a large margin.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at Sun Nov 02, 05:44:00 am GMT-5  

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