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Saturday, November 08, 2008

Mac On Leno Tuesday

(Breaking News)

Senator John McCain will follow his ex-running mate, Governor Sarah Palin, on the airwaves this Tuesday night, on the Leno Show. The Governor will be given a whole hour with van Susteren, whilst McCain will share the stage with musical act, Kaiser Chiefs.

Meghan McCain has said that she and her father share one salient trait in common. "He and I are both incapable of BS" (Meghan used the full word, being a true sailor's daughter).

I cannot believe he would wait a full week without public commentary about his aides' slamming the Governor anonymously...and then only do so on a late night talk show. What a stark contrast from that and the bizarrely pompous news conference by President-Elect Barack Obama on Friday.

And here I thought vaudeville was dead.

ADDED: Thank God for the Republicans, without whom comedians would have no material since they won't go after Obama.

"Rumor is, still a lot of infighting within the McCain campaign, between the Palin people and the McCain people. Now, I don't know if that's true or not, but earlier today, Sarah Palin put McCain's campaign bus on eBay." --Jay Leno



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