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Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Michael Steele, RNC Chair

When Bill O'Reilly asked Diane Sawyer for the name of the current RNC chairman, she went blank. "It could be Ziggy! Who cares!", quoth the cable star.

That neatly sums up the problem with the lack of Republican Party leadership this last election cycle; namely, there was none. Whereas the Democrats had bombastic Howard Dean, last seen shouting "Yeah!" at pitches teacup poodles would wince at, the Republicans offered...Mike Duncan.

Trust me, don't feel bad if you didn't know his name either. I had to Wiki for the name, despite the fact that he sent me copious emails during the Presidential election.

So when it was announced that Newt Gingrich was first interested in being RNC chair, I found it puzzling since I'm fairly sure he wanted to run for the nomination in 2012. I think Newt is effective with his 'take no prisoners' attitude and we need a person as forceful as he at the moment. That's when I heard that Michael Steele was throwing his hat in the ring for RNC chair too. Oh oh.

Apparently, Newt has since stepped away from the position, leaving it to Steele. I wonder if Gingrich was ever really interested, or was the idea so much palaver from media. It never really made sense.

But Michael Steele totally makes sense.

He is, as I have mentioned on Sundries before, one of the most perfect gentlemen ever to be birthed on earth. I am completely on his side, most especially since he is Sarah Palin's champion, and it'll be crucial for her future to have such a defender at the RNC, given Romney's ascendant star.

The ex-Lieutenant Governor wrote his prescription for GOP healthiness in the Wall Street Journal, "Listen. Adapt. Be Positive" including these sane words.

"Our challenge lies not in beating Democrats, but in uniting around a message that solidifies our ranks and attracts new people to our cause. We have to listen to what Americans are telling us about their hopes, desires and needs, and then translate that message into proposals for meanginful action squarely grounded in values we Republicans have always stood for."

What do you think about this Steele development?

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  • What do you think about this Steele development?

    I think: Newt good, Steele better. I'll hold back the superlative for now. :)

    By Blogger chickenlittle, at Wed Nov 12, 04:10:00 am GMT-5  

  • Here's my concern: the former seminarian is too gentle for the rough-and-tumble of national divisive politicking.

    Newt is just that. A scaly lizard capable of regenerating limbs if cut off.

    I want Steele, but I want TOUGH too.


    By Blogger vbspurs, at Wed Nov 12, 04:17:00 am GMT-5  

  • the former seminarian is too gentle for the rough-and-tumble of national divisive politicking.

    Was he Jesuit schooled? they're tough-oder?.

    By Blogger chickenlittle, at Wed Nov 12, 05:12:00 am GMT-5  

  • I couldn't be happier. You should go through the YouTubes of his campaign ads. He 'gets' the new media and the branding. The Anchoress also wrote a few favorable posts about him. Like Rush's Bo Snerdly, he's certified 'black-enough-to-criticize' the upcoming administration. I can't wait.

    By Blogger Ruth Anne Adams, at Wed Nov 12, 10:06:00 am GMT-5  

  • The principle job of the RNC is to get Republicans elected to take power. Steele writes "Our challenge lies not in beating Democrats...". Steele has it exactly wrong. Winning is the the thing. Winning.

    I say get somebody else.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at Wed Nov 12, 10:09:00 am GMT-5  

  • Newt is just that. A scaly lizard capable of regenerating limbs if cut off.

    LOL! I would love Newt to run in 2012 but I'm afraid he would effectively be painted as just SO EVIL he'd have no chance at winning. I mean, even republicans can perceive that he's ruthless.

    I am woefully ignorant about Michael Steele, but what little I have seen of him, I like.

    By Blogger knox, at Wed Nov 12, 10:41:00 am GMT-5  

  • I guess I've been under a rock or tree in Wisconsin, but I had never heard of this Steele person until today.

    With that said.....I think he'll be perfect (based upon the comments of my Sundries' peers here).

    And...I noticed he was African-American (Black) and that is huge in light of the current President-elect. I say bring on the Democrats.

    Did anyone see John McCain last night on Jay Leno? Comments?

    It's only 1 week post election and here we're all on track for the next 4 years. I say that in 2010, we need to take back some governorships and the House/Senate seats.

    I still shudder at the choice of the PE for his Chief of Staff.....

    Peggy DaValt

    By Blogger Peggy Gero DaValt, at Wed Nov 12, 11:03:00 am GMT-5  

  • Steele has experience with the Democrats. (They got into his personal financial information when he was running for governor ... were they punished? Of course not.)

    I want steel -- whether it is Steele or Newt) in the RNC or I am looking for a new party ("Conservative?" "Constitutionnalist?") Something with GUTS. And grace.

    But people who know how to play hard ball. I am so tired of the roll over and sacrificng the values of America.

    By Blogger JAL, at Wed Nov 12, 11:50:00 am GMT-5  

  • I agree with oxbay.

    Steele gets new media? Really? What blogs does he read?

    Fred's in the race now.

    By Blogger JSU, at Wed Nov 12, 02:13:00 pm GMT-5  

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