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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Why Not Pitbull PAC, It's Catchy

Ruth Anne Adams and JSU both simultaneously mentioned the newest development in Governor Sarah Palin's political evolution.

She now has her own Virginia-registered fund called "SarahPAC"!

One of the few, very very few, good things about John McCain's campaign was that his website allowed PayPal donations. That's one of the perks of having Meg Whitman as your pal. So I've popped off an email to the PAC officers to try to get this option since I think that would be a monumental boon to raising moneys.

But in the meantime, should you feel so inclined:


ADDENDUM: As a student of history, I am very observant of messages sent by subtle cues in imagery. When the stakes are at the very highest, most details are not left to chance.

In that spirit, I have observed that Sarah Palin uses her hair down during speeches, which makes her still youthful features appear a little more severe. Almost counterintuitively though, the style flatters her more than the iconic "bun", which has increasingly been shunted aside since her roll-out in Dayton, Ohio. The "hair down" also offers an alternative to the constant short haircuts seen on other female politicians.

This is also why she uses her square librarian glasses (which at one point had been rumoured by HuffPo to be fake. No, she's worn glasses since her earliest childhood. In fact, so do Piper and Trig today, clearly inheriting those genes from their mother). Anything to detract from the fact that she is above-average looking woman in a field where homely women are legion.

Curiously, in the site photo, she is wearing the same shiny black jacket she used the day I saw her in person at the Hotel Intercontinental. That is not a flattering fabric, to say the least, but you can see she is sending another message that this is who she is, what she can afford, and has nothing to do with the supposed clotheshorse the RNC tried to transform her into.

Her posture is relaxed, her hands linked in that almost prayerful gesture she has during rallies, and her prominent jaw is jutting with determination at some far off goal in the distance.

Governor Palin is sending us all a message.

Received loud and clear, Sarah. Good luck.

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  • I hope she does win the GOP nomination in 2012.

    Mainly because I want a second term for Barack.

    Sorry, Vic-- but that bit of snark was such an obvious opening, for a liberal like me to take.

    By Blogger Eli Blake, at Thu Jan 29, 07:42:00 pm GMT-5  

  • Speaking of subtle clues, what do you make of the outline of Alaska being superimposed on the continental US?

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at Sun Feb 01, 09:01:00 am GMT-5  

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