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Monday, April 25, 2005

EWTN Tonight and The End of Pope-Blogging

Two points of interest for you.

The Pope today met and reached out to religious leaders from around the world earlier (seen hugging mullahs and the scruffy Archbishop of Canterbury, Dr. Rowan Williams, who has a very disturbing resemblence to Abbie Hoffman. Disturbing to Abbie, that is, not to Dr. Williams). He said our world religions should unite more to combat hatred and violence. Doesn't sound like that doctrinaire ogre-monster painted by the press to me.

He then later met with German Catholics at a special huge meeting at the Vatican, and revealed he had prayed not to be chosen as Pope! He also apologised for arriving late, saying to astonished audience giggles, that 23 years living in Rome might've rubbed off. Honest, warm and funny. Gotta love it.

And finally, those of you with access to the Alabama-based Catholic Channel, EWTN, and like to hear the Pope speak more English set your TiVos for

11 PM EDT Monday 25 April 2005

Or online from their Live TV site, as detailed below.

EWTN (Real Audio, Lo-Speed)
EWTN (WMP, Lo-Speed)

The Holy Father Benedict XVI will be on for a whole hour, speaking about the finer points of the faith, as he's interviewed by EWTN anchor, Raymond Arroyo, when he was still Cardinal Ratzinger.

And in passing, tonight I will work on my huge Pope-Blogging Wrap Up post. Business as usual for my quirky, multi-topic blog afterwards!


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