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Monday, March 06, 2006

Post-Oscars Kaffeeklatsch

Bear with me. I'm still hungover from last night. Dr. Pepper's absolutely kill one.

So, in lieu of a proper post, allow me to reprint here, some more Post-Oscars commentary.

Perhaps, due to my 2006 Oscars' DVD recording having poofed into thin air (technical malfunction), I have a disappointed air of not being able to watch the show again, at leisure -- without the anxiety of simulblogging throughout the ceremonies.

I will try to get my thoughts on the films, then, out of my system.

Here is the commentary I wrote at the site of a Cato Institute blogger, which I chanced upon on Technorati, slightly tweaked:

Crash was, indeed, worthy of a Best Picture statuette, but Brokeback did have its cinematographic moments, as you state below in the Ang Lee commentary.

The problem is that the characters were at times too splayed out, with trite storylines, or worse, situations which were never truly explored, because of time constraints.

(The Brendan Frasier/Sandra Bullock storyline was farcically underdone, e.g. -- and arguably, the irate Iranian man/Latino Angelino family, although the little girl was delightful)

Joaquin Phoenix, who I have liked for quite some time, and I believe would've done a much better job in the Jake Gyllenhaal role in Brokeback Mountain, was very good as Johnny Cash, and perhaps moreso than Jamie Foxx was in Ray, since he actually sang the songs (a difficult feat to capture for such truly unique phrasing, which Cash had).

But in terms of pure acting, Hoffman rightly deserved it.

A tour-de-force performance in an otherwise oddly unengaging film.

As for Best Actress, I am a colossal Judi Dench fan, having seen her in person on the stage twice (her acting in "Amy's View" at the National in 1997, was electrifying), but she had merely a madcap romp in Mrs. Henderson Presents, compared to the film she should have won in, Mrs. Brown.

Mind you, she has her Oscar already, so no worries.

Reese Witherspoon, with her moxie and old-fashioned Hollywood glamour, has enormous range for someone so young.

And I believe we should compensate range whenever possible, which is why I'm sure Johnny Depp will have another statuette soon for the forthcoming, The Libertine.

All I can say for the deadly uneven Syriana, is that Clooney was excellent in it, quite saving it, with the exception of the charismatic would-be Sheik, who I've been told, starred in a Star Trek series recently.

Dillon deserved it, I agree, although if we would be doing a Dench this year (awarding an actor for the greatness of recent films, which went cruelly unrewarded the past year), it was Giamatti's turn.

Overall, I too have no quarrels with the Oscar awardees this year.

A word about Jon Stewart:

The byword of these Oscars, other than "thanking mum", was "nervousness".

Lauren Bacall looked like someone had told her she had lettuce in her teeth just before going on;

Rachel Weisz seemed rooted to her statue of Oscar, with quavering voice;

Even Jon Stewart was sheepish and oddly starstruck in his role, which normally he would've sailed through in his Daily Show (which I refuse to watch anymore).

He even Sirred Steven Spielberg, who looked like a manor squire greeting his tenant at Christmas -- slightly embarrassed at the awkward deference accorded him by his liege man.

But it is true, that Stewart grew in his role as the evening progressed.

He started making funnier quips, than the ones he had opened with, which had been greeted by cricket sounds by a nervous (there's that word again) crowd.

I don't think he did badly, in fact.

But he also did not wow anyone enough, to suggest he should have a return gig at the Oscars.

If pressed, I would say his performance was bland.

In fact, the whole 2006 Oscars was bland.

It's almost as if the nominations had been, by definition, so controversial, and so self-congratulatorily progressive, that the actual Awards ceremonies had collectively been agreed upon by all beforehand, to be circumspect.

When it comes right down to it, Hollywood needs Mr. & Mrs. Middle America, and they let the movies' speak for themselves.

And you know what?

I appreciated that a lot. I'm sure others who think like me, did too.

So far that, thanks Hollywood.

With my last posting breath today, allow me to build on my last point, to make a point against myself.

See, I was not amused at the transparently progressive tone of the nominations this year.

But I enjoy and respect films made for adults, with sophisticated storylines, whatever the tone, and these films this year certainly fit that bill -- so fine.

But you know, I who always complain about the preening Leftism of certain Oscar ceremonies, did the same in my simulblogging during the Oscars last night.

Almost every "THOUGHT" update I wrote, had some political bent to them, only this time, with my world view much in evidence.

I was thus in the unfortunate position of politicising the Oscars, of what turned out to be a very unpolitical Oscars!

How silly, Victoria.

Unlike a cowed wife, justifying why she slit off her husband's willy, I won't blame my abuser of many years, just because I am used to the abuse.

Instead, I will say, sorry about that, to my readership.

And let's hope I can stop being so upset, when not presented with any cause so to be.

And let me state, here and now for the record, that I would never slit off anyone's willy.

I would get Lauren Bacall to do it for me.


  • I believe that Dame Judi got her Marlowe in Love Oscar (whoopsie!) with the least amount of screen time that anyone has for a Little Gold Guy! That was a make-up for Mrs. Brown of course...

    By Blogger Ron, at Mon Mar 06, 03:35:00 pm GMT-5  

  • I believe that Dame Judi got her Marlowe in Love

    Ooh, snap! Get his innuendo! ;)

    Oscar (whoopsie!) with the least amount of screen time that anyone has for a Little Gold Guy! That was a make-up for Mrs. Brown of course...

    You know, I think there was one lady who got the covetted Oscar, who actually had less face time on screen (though perhaps more overall).

    It was Ingrid Bergman, totally robbing Valentina Cortese, for her maniacally dumb Swedish missionary routine, in Murder on the Orient Express.

    (Oddly enough, starring Lauren Bacall, of course!)

    What do you say to that, Mr. Ron??


    By Blogger vbspurs, at Tue Mar 07, 04:14:00 am GMT-5  

  • ?!? Well, I'll be...

    Now THAT's a make-up Oscar!

    I tip my Bogey fedora to you, sweet Sundries...

    By Blogger Ron, at Tue Mar 07, 10:01:00 am GMT-5  

  • Every time I see the word "innuendo", I reflexively think, "...and out the other," like "in one window." It's me schtick gene kicking in! This time it made me think of the film Momento, and then I thought, "why not combine Momento and Rashomon? A backwards-time story told multiple ways! Maybe even multiple ways in time! Let's leave 'em wacky!"

    Thoughts. As I think them.

    By Blogger Ron, at Tue Mar 07, 10:08:00 am GMT-5  

  • Isn't Kaffeeklatsch the name of the new Tim Horton's franchises in Germany? ;)

    The Oscars were a bit of a bore but then they need to decide what kind of show they want. Do they want to just do without the technical awards and add more entertainment or maybe shorten it to 2 hrs.

    Crash wasn't exactly my pick, was there even a story in that movie? It was entertaining and clever but we got the message after the first 15 minutes!

    Best bling-bling moment of the night: 3 Six Mafia's gold teeth.:)

    By Blogger Renato, at Tue Mar 07, 01:25:00 pm GMT-5  

  • And I believe we should compensate range whenever possible, which is why I'm sure Johnny Depp will have another statuette soon for the forthcoming, The Libertine.

    Libertine had already been on limited release (LA/NY only) to qualify for this past Oscars, so no nods for Mr. Depp.

    He was nominated for the Academy Awards twice for best actor, for Finding Neverland and Pirates of the Carribean, but like Cary Grant, Orson Welles and Richard Burton among many other worthies no statuettes in hand. But he did get the last two People's Choice Awards as Favorite Male Star.

    Here's the IMDB list of his honors, my favorite MTV Movie Awards, Mexico - Mejor Look for Pirates of the Carribean.

    By Blogger XWL, at Tue Mar 07, 03:22:00 pm GMT-5  

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