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Tuesday, February 28, 2006


Still watching GLOBO International's live coverage of the Brazilian Carnival, 2006.

Carnival is months-long, but it culminates the weekend before carnival ends on Fat Tuesday, with a huge parade of floats in the temple to Samba Schools, who are judged for creativity, luxury and organisation.

There are approximately 20 Samba "schools", in reality organisations representing different neighbourhoods of Rio De Janeiro.

Last night, we had the first night of the parade pasts at the Sambodromo. 6 Schools debuted.

Tonight, a further 7. And tomorrow, more.

It lasts from 7:30 PM EST, 'til about 7:00 AM EST, at dawn the NEXT DAY.

There are still 3 Samba Schools to go, and mother and I are watching, so consider this a placeholder post, until I can elaborate further tomorrow!

P.S.: Other countries, even other cities of Brazil, have carnival of course.

New Orleans, famously, has the best American example. So do Nice, Venice, Munich, Vienna, and so many other places.

And then there are the Catholic cities of Germany.

My friends, you haven't lived until you've compared how boring a German carnival is, say that of Cologne, compared to the Brazilian one.

Suffice it to say, that being winter, to Brazil's summertime, there is less need for the mulatas to wear practically nothing.

And who wants to watch fat German men dressed in furs doing the samba? Ick.


  • Still watching GLOBO International's live coverage of the Brazilian Carnival, 2006.

    Carnival is months-long

    You may be interested to know that in this area, Carnival lasts one day and it's sole activity consists of every church and firehall competing to stay up overnight making Fastnachts, raised doughnuts with a potato flavor and coated with whatever they think will sell, all through Fat Tuesday.
    Of course. it's not just this area that celebrates so hard, I've read others have gotten into the spirit too. Until you've eaten one you haven't live and having eaten several, you will live less longer.
    Brazil? Amateurs.

    By Blogger Paul, at Tue Feb 28, 11:09:00 am GMT-5  

  • Brazilian carnival is fantastic when it's moving. Last night they had a problem with a float that kept everyone dancing on the spot for 30 minutes.

    The colours of the costumes and floats are so vibrant and rich, it's easy to see how much they put into the event each year. The women aren't bad looking either.;)

    A reminder to anyone in Canada that Rogers has a free preview of Globo on digital 649!

    By Blogger Renato, at Tue Feb 28, 12:10:00 pm GMT-5  

  • It would be great to see this crowning few days in person too, with someone who resides there however. I wouldn't want to long traverse that sea of humanity without knowledgeable people.
    I think very few women cannot be beautiful, it's there, even in a curler named Ott.
    What I am always most impressed with is how the costumes, the strategic parts, stay where they're supposed to during dancing and gyrations. Discovery should do a show on the invention and ingenuity shown although not having the convenience of satellite, I don't really know the success rate of Brazilians hiding things; or even if they want to.
    Oh, I'm sure the floats are something too!

    By Blogger Paul, at Thu Mar 02, 08:36:00 am GMT-5  

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