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Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Political Nicknames

Just finished reading this barnburner of a book, on that 1800's Tammany Hall juggernaut, William "Boss" Tweed.

Now, most of us are used to political nicknames in our times, some of which seem to fit the person perfectly.

I use "Dubya" frequently, chuckle at Smirking Chimp, but was known on occasion to feel nauseous at the same time at "Slick Willie"...

...which reminds one of Richard Nixon's nickname too.

But even I didn't know what to make of Boss Tweed's associate in political crime, Richard Connolly -- a poor unfortunate who went down (as it were) in history with the nickname of:

"Slippery Dick"

Ladies and gents, try as hard as you can, but you can't beat this nickname with a ten-foot, erm, pole.

Can you?


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