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Sunday, April 16, 2006

Easter Challenge

Despite all the minor vexations of all life, which we all of us experience, some days just bring a kind of radiant joy.

I'm not sure how you experienced it where you are, but Easter Day dawned sunny and gorgeous down here in South Florida.

I even took a trip down to a mall early Sunday, on our elevated subway, the Metrorail, a station of which you can see here.

Why? For no reason.

I love doing things for no reason.

The randomness of life is important -- it's more than just being spontaneous.

It's about being alive to possibilities.

And some days, those possibilities need to be made, rather than waiting for life to happen to us.

I challenge each of you, in the forthcoming week, to do something you weren't expecting to do.

For no reason.

Be it a bubble bath, be it a night of bingo, be it playing Twister naked.

Though you might want to think up a reason for that last one, in case anyone comes in.


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