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Tuesday, March 06, 2007


Youtube and the BBC have come to an historic agreement, to show the latter's select programming on the "world's 4th most popular site".

(Google, Yahoo, MSN, Youtube...?)

From the BBC: Clips of new shows and specially commissioned promotional content linked to popular series such as Doctor Who and Life On Mars. At launch, the YouTube community will be able to enjoy a range of specially- created video diaries including David Tennant and Freema Agyeman, who'll take viewers around the set of Doctor Who; John Simm going back in time for Life On Mars; and Clive Myrie on the streets of the red zone of Baghdad.

From BBC Worldwide: An entertainment channel called "BBC Worldwide" showing clips from material such as Top Gear, Spooks, The Catherine Tate Show, The Mighty Boosh and a range of factual programmes including those presented by David Attenborough. The channel will include a limited amount of advertising.

From BBC World, the BBC's international commercial television channel: Around 30 news clips per day will be offered, with up-to-the-minute news and analysis from around the world. The advertising-funded clips will be available to users outside the UK only.

BBC also targets the interactive social-media: YouTube fans will have at their disposal the same tools used in today’s Web 2.0 environment, so they will be able to rate the content they view, send it to friends by e-mail or by IM along with their comments and even post response-videos to BBC’s shows.

(For us iPod users, the BBC is even working on a plug-in for the gadgets, where the iPods will turn into digital radio! Great -- I was just about to buy this add-on for my new iPod, at a whopping $50 price tag, just so that I could listen to FM radio on it)

I know this isn't much, but if the BBC set an example, perhaps it could mean that HBO, and American networks could follow suit, in trickles.

We shall see, it seems a win-win situation all around.

In fact, the only people who will be a little nonplussed are the torrent sites.

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