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Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Hype vs. W

"Hype: The Obama Effect" will be coming to a theatre near you, when it's released on September 1st.

But so will Oliver Stone's "W" movie, on President George W. Bush, due out on 22 October.

One can say many things about both films.

One has a credible, Oscar-winning director behind it, the other a group of concerned conservatives who call themselves "Citizens United".

One is going to be released after the Democratic National Convention. The other days before the US Presidential election (the better to remind people what they went through for 8 years, or so Stone and his co-ideologues hope).

If Senator Obama loses, be sure this completely unheralded, minor, badly distributed film on the Democratic nominee will be blamed for his demise. It'll be the 2008 equivalent of the Swiftboat Veterans ad.

But if Senator McCain loses, no one will point to the cynically-debuted, hatchet job film on a Republican by Oliver Stone.

Republicans don't blame the messengers. They just pay attention to the message.

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