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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Obama Y Los Niños

(UPDATE: Video has been pulled. Too late, Obama. We all saw it. ANOTHER UPDATE: Found a copy! I'll leave the old one on the bottom)

Kids sing for Obama:

(Via Apathetic Citizen)

Kids love Lenin (they are his little potatoes):

Kids love Fidel:

Kids love Kim Jong-Il:

ADDED: I had written this comment at another blog, when a poster mentioned that these kids singing to Obama struck a Hitlerjugend note. I disagreed:

[T]he problem with many people is that their only totalitarian reference seems to be Hitler and Nazism.

Nazism didn't encourage tenderness towards its Führer. In fact, that would've been un-Aryan.

But that is Communism's approach with
their Dear Leaders.

A later comment:

You know, liberals make a big stink about "Jesus Camp" type places, which are practically nonexistent, but when they are faced with children who have been encouraged or allowed to sing in chorus for Obama, looking like zoned out kidbots, they think they're "energised" by the process. Hurrah! A victory for inclusiveness and democracy!

Posit this orchestrated effort to the very spontaneous and cute Kenyan kids singing for Obama, via MP3.

That's the difference between pride and devotion, which coincidentally, is the difference between freedom and tyranny.

It's all there, people. Don't say later, you didn't know.

MORE: Wait, I thought this was just an amateur kiddie group, which busts out in orchestrated political spirituals for their adoring parents to enjoy.

It's actually an ORGANISATION of choristers called Sing for Obama. They make the rounds singing their Obamalieder at events.

"Sing for Obama! Sing for America!"? I am speechless.


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