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Friday, September 05, 2008

Sarah's Video

The Republican National Convention was run on a wing-and-prayer of improvisation, this year. But somehow, despite the time constraints and last minute scheduling, they were able to pull of a traditionally professional RNC.

One part of the ceremonies had to be cut off, as Mayor Rudolph Giuliani's rousing keynote address ran a little longer than anticipated. It was fantastic, since Governor Palin's crowd were pumped up and ready to explode just as she entered it.

But for the record, here is the video which was ixnayed at the last minute. They actually did show it during the last night.

(Via VPILF, heh)

Hey, at least it allows poor Jon Voigt his moment in the sun.

ADDED: Sarah Palin's So-Called Sins

Her hairdo is so . . .’80s.

She’s not a citizen of the world, she’s a citizen of Alaska.

The baby Trig is Bristol’s - no, really, I read it on Daily Kos - oh, scratch that, the baby’s 4 months old and Bristol’s five months pregnant. Ooooh, how retro, actually going to term with a Down syndrome baby.

She’s not just a member of the National Rifle Association - she’s a life member.

She never heard of David Gergen, Sally Quinn or Jann Wenner, and she doesn’t care what they say about her.

Do you know anybody who has five children?

Who wears glasses anymore - my Gawd, can’t she afford Lasik?

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