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Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Barack Obama: Complete Enigma

I read this at the HillaryClintonForums, and it touched on a topic that has been dancing around my head, since I read about John McCain's Brazilian sex romp.

Why is it that we hear so little of Barack Obama's past associations?

At the very least, shouldn't he trot out some to countervail the toxic ones swirling around him this year -- from Rezko, to Ayers, to Wright.

It makes utter sense to ask a friend of his from high school, college, or just an old girl-friend for an interview. But nothing. It's like he's a Pallas Athena that sprang forth fully formed from the forehead of a god.

Not all this person's conclusions or questions reflect mine, however. But I'm glad someone out there is wondering too.

This has been bothering me for a while....

In every case of sudden fame (athletes, politicians, actors, musicians) there are always a gazillion people who crawl out of the woodwork to claim "I knew him when."

Usually with details - "I helped him pass advanced calculus, without me he would not have graduated." Or " the cheap SOB borrowed fifty bucks from me and never paid it back." Or "I was the one who talked him into (politics, acting, baseball, switching to the drums)."

Or funny stories, or glowing accounts of how talented or generous the Famed One was back then.

And a bunch of females ( I will not say "women") who claim to have spent a romantic evening with, or who claim to have borne an illegitimate child by the Famous One.

The few people who have come forward to talk about Obama are his four current supporters (all them are Pakistani ).

No women have come out to declare their undying love for the Famed One.

Not at Occidental nor at Columbia nor at Harvard Law.

Fox News say that they interviewed 400 people who were at Columbia, graduated in 1983 from the Political Science department. (In 1983, Columbia granted 7300 degrees from 20 different schools, but no mention of how many were undergraduate, nor any stats on grads by department; the Poli Sci department is one of 29 departments in the Division of Arts & Sciences).

And none of those 400 remembered Obama.

His favorite professor, Michael Baron (who was also in charge of Columbia's Chinese Exchange Student program) says that Obama was brilliant in his year-long senior honors seminar. Others who were there do not remember Obama.

I remember all the people in my senior seminar (from many more years past than 1983!). Granted, there were only 8 others, but how many people were in that class with Obama?

And no one remembered this brilliant fellow student?

No females ever dated him? No males?

No one worked with him? No one shared a library carrel with him?

No funny pizza stories? No memorable toga parties?

No pictures?

Why does this guy have no friends? No enemies?

Except, of course, those who his campaign insists were just "guys in the neighborhood."

Nature abhors a vacuum, but in Obama's case, it's a maelstrom. Everything about him seems as gossamer-thin as paper, either fairly or unfairly allowing people to call him an empty suit.

This is the most unsettling part of his candidacy for me. He's a complete unknown.

Perhaps the reason lies in the fact that for every answer about him, the more questions it raises.

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  • I suppose a political cartoonist could draw such an empty suit asking, "What do you want me to be today?"

    By Anonymous alcibiades, at Tue Oct 07, 07:31:00 pm GMT-4  

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