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Monday, October 27, 2008

Sarah's "New" Clothes

Governor Palin has been on an one-woman mission to clear up any misconceptions about how she dresses, these past few days. This attitude has contributed to those rumours that she is "going rogue" (which if true, I fully applaud her in doing) from Team McCain.

On Sunday, she showed up in two rallies wearing the following getups:

A pink jacket which she mentioned was her own, purchased from the now famous Out Of The Closet consignment shop, in Anchorage.

And in that Asheville rally, she showed up wearing her knockout blue jeans.

She actually donned those jeans the previous day too, when she dropped the puck in the St. Louis Blues - Los Angeles Kings hockey game. Look at that gorgeous long black slicker she has on.

I don't know what the RNC were thinking. I think her normal clothes look outstanding on her. Give ME a million dollars, and I wouldn't look as good as she does with the $150,000 they gave her in ready-bought clothes. Further, I bet you that she would've made that money go farther had they given her a voucher.

A woman always knows how to make a buck stretch, which I tell myself everytime I hit Loehmann's.

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