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Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Best Buy

I think I found a place where I can buy my new laptop!

At the McCain-Palin campaign blowout sale...

"That's right, the failed McCain-Palin campaign is having a fire sale this week on leftover equipment. Everything is on sale at reduced prices. An email sent over the weekend to all campaign staff, which was subsequently forwarded to the Sleuth, reads:

'Starting Monday December 8, 2008 the prices will be slashed to 36% of the original price for furniture, office supplies, blackberries, and many campaign computers. This is a great opportunity to own a piece of history, finish your Christmas shopping, or simply replace your old laptop.'"

Some of those items are:

  1. - A Dell Latitude D620 laptop for $417.00.
  2. - A Dell Latitude D820 laptop for $570.00.
  3. - Brother multifunction printer for $189.00.
  4. - RIM Blackberry 8700c for $30.00.
  5. - Folding chairs for $3.60 each.
  6. - A 55-cup steel coffee urn for $77.00.
  7. - A power strip for $1.
  8. - Ethernet cables for $1 a pound.

Here is your chance to own a piece of hardware that coulda, maybe, possibly have been used by a cousin of the guy next door to the lady who once shook Governor Sarah Palin's hand at a rally!

Seriously, though, people, this is suicide even if it is SOP after a failed campaign. Think about it.

People want to get their hands on anything that could possibly be vaguely incriminating. Even stuff that is as pure as the driven snow can be twisted into something unbelievably damning, given the spinmeisters' guile out there.

So unless they have one of those hard drives that have been overwritten a million times, which even the FBI couldn't crack with their specialised computer kits, then I suggest that they not sell off the computers, at least.

Haven't we learnt anything from the Joe the Plumber contretemps?

Trust no one in politics. Power corrupts. Absolute power doesn't corrupt hard drives.

P.S.: What, pray, is a "coffee urn"? Is it like a samovar for coffee?

Because it sounds absolutely morbid. Maybe it's me, but I prefer not to have the last mortal remains of grandma inside my cup of joe, thank you.

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