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Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Sarah Stumping

My beloved Governor Sarah Palin makes a triumphant comeback to Sundries, after stumping this Monday for Senator Saxby Chambliss (worst name ever). He is trying to stay alive in the runoff against challenger, Democrat Jim Martin, and she went over to the Peaches State on his behalf.

Take a look at the Google News articles about this. Count 'em. 1240 related articles. This woman draws attention to her like bees to Bonapartes. How this must chap the collective arses of the Liberals who want her to go away, or just implode already, preferrably both.

The Atlanta-Journal Constitution takes note.

“The Saxby Chambliss signs are plentiful, but it’s clear even before you walk in that this is a Sarah Palin for President event, four years ahead of its time,” reports Jim Galloway from the Gwinnett Center.

Of course, journalist Jay Bookman also said that she was drawing "decent but not great crowds", but failed to mention she did so in a torrential downpour around Georgia, on a Monday morning. Curiously, this sour appraisal contrasted with another AJC writer, Jim Tharpe, who described the scene and supporters' reactions like this.

Lambasted by many on the left, Palin is a rising GOP star among many conservatives. The self-professed “hockey mom” was mobbed at her Gwinnett stop as she waded into the crowd to sign autographs and pose for photos after her speech. Hundreds of people held aloft camera-equipped cellphones trying to get an image of the governor.

The scene was much the same at Palin’s three other stops in Georgia.

Penny and Chuck Ballas got back into Augusta at midnight Sunday from a trip to New York City. They found out Palin was going to be in town and got up at the break of day to attend Monday’s rally.

“I told my wife, ‘I haven’t even had my coffee yet, but I’ll do this for Sarah,’ ” Chuck Ballas said.

Chuck, I know the feeling.

Enjoy the photos of the rallies below.

Still gorgeous. Still inspiring (especially to women, as you can plainly see above). Still Sarah.

"Palin/Saxby 2012"? Right now, let's concentrate on 2008. There's a lifetime of rallies until then.

ADDED: Commenter Bekah has received a wonderful personal message from Governor Palin!

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