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Monday, December 15, 2008

His Corpse Is Still Warm

Did you see or read this about the already-mentioned ABC "This Week" interview, with John McCain? Because I didn't.

Sen. John McCain said Sunday he would not necessarily support his former running mate if she chose to run for president.

Speaking to ABC's "This Week," McCain was asked whether Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin could count on his support.

"I can't say something like that. We've got some great other young governors. I think you're going to see the governors assume a greater leadership role in our Republican Party," he said.

He then mentioned governors Tim Pawlenty of Minnesota and Jon Huntsman of Utah.

McCain said he has "the greatest appreciation for Gov. Palin and her family, and it was a great joy to know them."

"She invigorated our campaign" against Barack Obama for the presidency, he said.

McCain was pressed on why he can't promise support for the woman who, just months ago, he named as the second best person to lead the nation.

"Have no doubt of my admiration and respect for her and my view of her viability, but at this stage, again ... my corpse is still warm, you know?" he replied.

His corpse is still warm? What on earth?

I have a small, very small amount of sympathy left for John McCain, and honestly, I think he just blew it with me, forever.

Now I know why a man like McCain would feel so at home with a treacherous Democrat like Joe Lieberman -- because they are both backstabbers to their own Parties.

This is probably what other people sense, such as Kathryn Jean Lopez who wrote:

(It would also be insane for anyone to endorse anyone for president four years out.) That and maybe he wants to leave the door open to endorse Obama in four?

If a then-President Obama is remotely doing well with the economy, I predict here and now that even if Sarah Palin runs in 2012 (no, wait, ESPECIALLY if Sarah Palin runs in 2012), that Senator John McCain will endorse, campaign for, and probably give the keynote speech at the DNC for Obama.

I still honour his service, his sacrifice, and his sense of duty, but as a politician, he's just like the rest -- an opportunist.

Ugh, I want my donations back...

ADDED: Remember? This was part of the 'McBush' smear by the Democrats this past election. But maybe, they were seeing it the wrong way.

If I were a person getting hugged by John McCain, I'd look out for my back.

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  • I expect "McCain 2008" stickers to end up in the urinals of certain Republican headquarters.

    Word verification: cravelit

    By Anonymous alcibiades, at Mon Dec 15, 05:42:00 pm GMT-5  

  • I have a small, very small amount of sympathy left for John McCain, and honestly, I think he just blew it with me, forever.

    You know my feeling on this.

    By Blogger knox, at Thu Dec 18, 11:04:00 am GMT-5  

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