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Sunday, December 14, 2008

Palin's Church Suspected Of Burning Due To Arson

It's a grody Sunday and the news this weekend has been a slow trickle of grey depression. That's one of the reasons I vacillated in posting today.

But you know I cannot let a Palin mention in the newswires pass unremarked.

Governor Sarah Palin's church in Wasilla caught on fire, whilst there were children inside. If you want to know the damages, they are about 1.5 million dollars in total -- but that is not important. What is important is that if this is arson, as one might suspect given Sarah Palin's apology for bringing her church "undeserved attention", is that whomever committed it be brought to justice.

I personally hope it wasn't arson.

There is just so much that I can believe about the human condition in one year, and after emails have been hacked, after a woman has had a hundred rumours levelled at her, including that she is not the mother of her own child, after the satisfactory conclusion of a Presidential campaign (for those who voted against her), I was hoping we had moved on.

If this does turns out to be arson, I will just have to be prepared for her to be the direct target next time, and so should you.

Be back tomorrow, with a cheerier disposition.

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