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Saturday, January 31, 2009

Superbowl Eggheads

So you want to know who will win the Super Bowl this Sunday? The surprising Arizona Cardinals or the defensive juggernauts Pittsburgh Steelers? You and every bookie around, buddy.

Given that Trooper York's New York Giants won last year, which was a kind of miracle given the invincibility of the 17-0 Patriots (I'll have you know that I was backing the Giants all the way -- love dem Mannings!), one would have to be pretty daring to go with the underdogs again this year.

So call me crazy, not that you don't already, but I'll take the Cardinals with whatever you call when they win by 2 points. Two point spread, or something, right? Hey, I'm good at predictions, but lousy in bet-talk.

For those who are undecided, you could do worse than follow the results of the infallible test concocted by wingnut talkshow host, "MJ" Schnitt.

What is the test? Since the video cannot be embedded, I have to use a more old-fashioned method to show you.

Check it out below.

You start with a carton of Eggland's Best.

Clearly label the chicken by-products.

Get yourself one of those Daewoo "hatchibatchies", as Cubans call them.

Stick in the worthy opponents, timer to 5 minutes. Whichever explodes first, loses.

And the winner is...the Pittsburgh Steelers!


Remember last year?

In all the years Schnitt has been doing this egg Super Bowl test, it's never been wrong. Ever.

...oh, screw my womanly intuition. I'm putting 250 large on the Steelers.

(One feels I should end this statement with "Suckas", or something potent like that. So yeah, Suckas!)

UPDATE: The Egg Was right again!

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