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Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Obama Dozed, People Froze

Where is President Obama during the worst natural disaster to strike the US since Hurricane Katrina? Have you heard of any flybys by the new Commander-in-Chief to Kentucky, to pat his Brownie on the back, and tell him he's doing a heckuva job?

I thought disasters making everything go haywire were always judged the President's fault?

And why is there is almost zero coverage about this, not only of the tragedy of having 55 people die so far in the freezing cold as they await power to return to the State -- but of a lack of personal interest on the part of a sitting President, one cocooned all cosy and warm in his 80F Oval Office, throwing Super Bowl parties, one might add.

I know what his defenders will say. It's too early. He's too green yet, and his miscue might be understandable given the other problems plaguing our country. Give him the benefit of the doubt!

At this point, such a lack of doubt is a benefit.

Further Reading

Time's "Kentucky's Ice Storm: Worse Now That It's Over"

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