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Friday, February 20, 2009

The Return Of Snooty Face

President Barack Obama was in Ottawa (aka Iowa) during his first foreign tour this Thursday, when one of his most recognisable "tricks" made a return. Snooty Face is baaaack.

Behold, the arrogant American abroad.

Dude, go to a chiropractor or something.

ADDED: Snootyfacepalooza!

EXIT QUESTION: You think this tendency, perhaps also wholly innocent, will be pointed out negatively by the world, as President George W. Bush's swagger was?

What am I thinking...

IN THE COMMENTS: Birdie Bob is reminded of another politician, with a severely jutting chin.

Looking at those photos reminded me of the newsreel preening poses of Benito Mussolini. For whatever that's worth.

Whew, I've seen this many times, of course, but I get the willies watching it again, alongside wanting to laugh my head off. He looked like a deranged clown.

At least Obama is just arrogant, not sociopathic.

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