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Friday, February 20, 2009

Sego And Sarah

Having set up Diam's La Boulette for you, as well as Florence Foresti, now I can show you a compare-contrast which you will get.

Here is Sègoléne Royal, the first female candidate for the French Presidency, dancing (awkwardly) to La Boulette.

In fact, none other than Florence Foresti parodied her, in a very famous cutting skit.

It is said this little dancing performance by "Sego" led to her declining popularity with the French public, as it made her look superficial, unpresidential, and pandering too obviously to political correctness.

This reaction is funny, you know, since a very game Sarah Palin was able to gain back a little momentum in popularity, after she appeared in the infamous SNL rap skit with Amy Poehler.

Both ladies were taken less than seriously by their respective voting public, in part due to their good looks, but Palin came out the better of the two.

Must've been that rhythm.

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