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Thursday, February 05, 2009

Worst Week

(Welcome Instapundit readers! Thanks, Glenn!)

My word, the President of the United States is having a bad week. I believe everything started going south for Barack Obama when a little of the Kennedy Curse rubbed off on him, after the Caroline Kennedy nomination fiasco.

Since that time, he's totally lost his mojo, and doesn't seem anywhere close to getting it back. Worse yet, the worry hasn't half aged him.

In a month he went from this:

To this:

Yipes! Next stop, McCainsville.

IN THE COMMENTS: Mister Snitch notices something odd.

And yet, this Frankin Miint porcelain painting of him only seems to be getting younger!

One of the various Sundries' Anonymouses (Anonymii?) blasts off on the President's ear.

Would you look at that ear. I think it would qualify for a UAV.

Heh. Tangentially, shouldn't it be a leftist President who should spill the beans on Area 51, don't you think? After all, wasn't it Carter who claimed he saw an UFO?

Meanwhile, Qwinn-Anonymous is suddenly confuzzled:

Wait, I don't get it... what's Dennis Kucinich got to do with Obama?

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