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Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Monaco Bereft

Prince Rainier III of Monaco, one of the last absolute monarchs in the world, has died. He was 81-years old, and passed away in Monaco-Ville's Cardio-Thoracic Hospital.

My links to Prince Rainier are two -- I saw him lunching in the teency Monaco McDonald's near Johnny Halladay one time (as amazing as that sounds, considering he has access to the best cuisine in the world), and he was an Old Boy at Le Rosey School, whose summer language school I attended when I was 16.

With the passing of Ronald Reagan, the Pope, now he, and a gravely deteriorated Margaret Thatcher, we are experiencing a complete overhaul of a generation, similar to what happened with the World War II-era world leadership in the 1970s.

The contrast in style, tone, and substance to today's generation of world leaders, could not be greater. We're losing that undefinable something which married élan, grit, and conviction.

As a very small aside though, Monaco remains the only country, other than Saudi Arabia, where no woman has ever held political office. I daresay the new Prince Albert II will see his powers diminished, and his country overhauled in many respects.


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