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Monday, March 13, 2006


Is not the name of the newest McDonald's slogan, but rather is the name of the company which just bought out newspaper empire, Knight-Ridder.

Knight-Ridder are the parent company of local rag, the Miami Horrible (aka The Miami Herald), so I'm begging McClatchy Company here:

Please please make the Horrible less horrible by firing everyone, save Dave Barry.

Dear Lord, what an abysmal, badly written, colour crayons paper it is.

The odd thing about it, is that they do step it up when there is international news, so why doesn't this spill out elsewhere, hmm, hmm?

P.S.: Although I am not amused at Dave Barry's missus, Michelle Kaufman's, very pro-Argentina soccer bias. This is going to be a nightmare, come the World Cup.

UPDATE!: Hold the presses, I'm so out of it, Miami Horrible-wise, that I hadn't realised that Dave Barry had quit his funny column in December 2005. Well, then fire everyone!


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