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Monday, March 12, 2007


As I leave for a mini-holiday until I blog again Thursday, I will leave you with three questions:




Ponder these South Florida snapshot titles, and why you think I chose each title name based on the composition -- until my return to my readers' loving bosoms, in no time at all.

Without further ado...WHY??

THE ANSWER IS: Commenter Internet Ronin came closest to guessing the Why question posed by me, before leaving on holiday.

Obviously, "Why do these two young men (one not so young, by the way) feel they have to show their undies to all and sundries...as it were?".

When is this fashion going to die!?

And by the way, they were crossing the street to catch the bus, then slowed down when they realised the bus wouldn't stop for them -- apart from other things, we have designated bus stops, so I presume they were out-of-towners unaware of that you just can't flag down a bus and expect it to stop for you.



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