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Monday, November 03, 2008

RIP Madelyn Dunham

Excrutiatingly sad news for Senator Barack Obama. His grandmother, Madelyn Dunham, and ex-Vice President of a Hawaiian bank, has passed away due to cancer.

That means that both gentlemen running for the Democratic ticket, have had tragedy touch their lives this campaign season. Joe Biden's mother-in-law passed on last month.

Once again, I have many problems with Senator Barack Obama's positions, but my heart goes out to him tonight.

IN THE COMMENTS: PatCa echoes what my mother just said, on seeing this photo of Senator Obama crying:

Where did you get the photo of Obama? I have never seen him with emotion!

I scour the local newspapers and several news sources until I get the money shot, PatCa. Not to be morbid, but since it made an impression on you (and me), here's another.

This emotion was really the only thing missing from his campaign so far. Unlike Hillary Clinton's waterworks in New Hampshire, I tend to believe it's more genuine.

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