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Monday, November 03, 2008

Is He For Real?

Even if all the other positions he took, from his partial-birth abortion stance (which is infanticide in all but name), to creating an equally powerful, equally well-funded civilian militia as the military, to raising taxes in a recession (with a slippery scale as to what constitutes middle-classness), on and on and on in a hard American Left vein...

...even if I could get past all that, this is UNBELIEVABLE.

(Via Bekah)

ADDED: Nailin' Palin? No. More like Palin nailin'.

Incidentally, the CNN Video linked to by several sites is down. This scratchy version is the best I could get so far. What a coinkidink.

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  • The civilian militia thing I can't get over. Can you imagine if a conservative candidate said he was going to do that??

    By Blogger knox, at Mon Nov 03, 01:15:00 pm GMT-5  

  • There are already some civilian components to national security such as the Civil Air Patrol (and an equivalent for the Coast Guard/Navy). Most of the people participating are volunteers and aren't really paid...

    I have to wonder what Obama thinks of the 2nd Amendment, then. There were "proper" militias in the past, but they weren't nationally funded. Those militias were city/town-oriented (there is an amusing New York Times piece from the 1850s on the NYC militia).

    I have a suspicion that he's going to cut the military budget in half and give the rest to police or put it into pseudo-social spending.

    Word Verification: gesmucka

    By Anonymous Alcibiades, at Mon Nov 03, 03:56:00 pm GMT-5  

  • This again brings back memories of home. I wasn't around in 1959 to see the birth of the MNR (Milicias Nacionales Revolucionarias or National Revolutionary Militias) but I was about 7 or 8 when they were reconstituted into the MTT (Milicias de Tropas Territoriales or Militias of Territorial Troops)

    And there are of course las brigadas de respuesta rapida founded in the 1990s, or rapid response brigades which Obama(PBUH)already has That is not to mention the Truth Squad for Obama (PBUH)

    I remember that as part of Castro's paranoia in the 80s, we were forced to learn how to shoot. He even came up with a slogan: "Each Cuban should know how to shoot, and to shoot well". I turned 17 in 1990, so, a lot of my childhood and teen years were spent playing to be a miliciano, with real guns. My mother and I tried to keep the fact that we were leaving the country as hidden as possible, and we played along. I even became convinced at some point. Call it a youthful error. Some people have used that against me, but I will always tell you the truth.

    My mother, coincidentally, had been a die-hard Fidelista in her 20s and 30s. She was a shooting instructor and sargent for the MNR in the 1960s. She became finally and completely disillusioned by the time I was born. It is my fault, I guess hehehe...

    Chavez, being the lover of all things Castro that he is, also has his own militia: Las Milicias Bolivarianas.Is The One (PBUH) trying to imitate Castro and Chavez?

    By Blogger ElcubanitoKC, at Mon Nov 03, 04:23:00 pm GMT-5  

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