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Monday, January 19, 2009

Inauguration Photo -- Sneak Preview!

So, you can't wait a measely twenty-four hours to watch Barack Obama being sworn in as our nation's 44th President? I got your back.

Through the auspices of a person with a whole heck of a lot of time on his or her hands, comes the Lego blocks inauguration sneak preview!

Question: Why is Obama pointing an Uzi at Chief Justice Roberts?

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  • Hey, where's the Palin family in Lego? Complete with snow machines, mooses, (meeses?), pigs with lipstick, hell's bells, I want the whole nine!

    By Blogger Ron, at Mon Jan 19, 02:30:00 am GMT-5  

  • LOL!

    ...I think we all know the answer to that one, though, Ron. Clearly, the message here is that the Palins are too low-class for those fancy Danes in Legoland.

    We'll just have to wait for the Palin Weebles version in four years.


    By Blogger vbspurs, at Mon Jan 19, 02:36:00 am GMT-5  

  • Yeah, meeses. Along the same lines as mouses.

    By Blogger vbspurs, at Mon Jan 19, 02:36:00 am GMT-5  

  • Hi Vic, good to see you online!

    By Blogger Ron, at Mon Jan 19, 02:39:00 am GMT-5  

  • Hey Ron! *waves*

    I'm just off to bed. Night, night. :P


    By Blogger vbspurs, at Mon Jan 19, 03:07:00 am GMT-5  

  • I found your blog when randomly searching US v. CA differences in Thanksgiving. I needed to be armed in combat as a Canadian now living in California.

    Your writing style and grammar are impeccable! The last time I was impressed by someone's wit was when I last some Ann Coulter.

    Keep it up! You've been bookmarked!

    GOP supporting in SoCal,

    PS: Florence Moon sells the best leather jackets in Florence and Rome.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at Mon Jan 19, 10:32:00 pm GMT-5  

  • A conservative Canadian lady. Can you get any more perfect, Veronica? :)

    Welcome to Sundries, and please feel free to post about anything you want!

    Victoria (ex-Willowdale, ONT)

    By Blogger vbspurs, at Tue Jan 20, 12:54:00 am GMT-5  

  • Two "V"s from Canadia, with the same ideas and proclivity to proper comma usage? Craziness. AND Similar taste in travel? It's too much.

    Today, you went one step beyond what I could: watch the horror. When Jessica Alba is on the red carpet in DC offering commentary, I draw the line. Avoiding the tidal wave of Obama t-shirts worn by fellow students at law school was particularly difficult. Perhaps when Parliament resumes in 6 days with the Ignatief mania, the complete demise of North America will be complete.

    If only I had some melone gelato from Festival del Gelato to comfort me.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at Wed Jan 21, 02:07:00 am GMT-5  

  • Ha I get it now: My Uzi Weighs a Ton

    Hip-hop meets the law

    By Blogger chickenlittle, at Wed Jan 21, 02:07:00 pm GMT-5  

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