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Thursday, January 01, 2009

Santa Dip

The last absolute sovereign in Europe, Prince Albert II of Monaco, son of legendary American actress beauty, Grace Kelly, decided to don a Santa Claus outfit on Christmas eve -- just before taking it off to go swimming.

No, the Grimaldi-crazy-genes are not acting up.

In fact, the Prince took a dip in the (no doubt still cold) Mediterranean sea in order to raise money for charity.

Prince Albert may not be royal, but his impulses were still noble.

P.S.: Incidentally, I had planned a longer, and weightier post about Grand Duke Henri of Luxembourg's remarkable decision not to sign a bill put before him into Law -- dealing with euthanasia. He refused, citing his Catholic faith as reason, and the Prime Minister stripped the (largely honourary) powers the Grand Duke had as sovereign.

I will try to post on that soon, as it is not the first time in history a royal head-of-state has put his conscience before his constitutional duty. It is a very fascinating topic to explore.

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