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Monday, December 29, 2008

Hoping To God

My computer will not conk out on me again.

Just when I had "solved" the problem, I decided to do a registry cleanup for New Year, and I must've deleted some important configuation. (No, I didn't back it up). It just shuts down on me, even after installing Speedfan. I have let it rest all these hours.

I want to avoid using public computers to compose my quirky posts, since as you can imagine, my forthcoming post on my naked neighbours might have me hauled out to the paddy wagon.

(Yes, you read right. Naked neighbours)

Anyhoo, please forgive the delay in posting this Monday. I'll catch you all tomorrow, God willing.

P.S.: A guy was selling these on the street, so I bought a pair.

I guess my neighbours have stories too.

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