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Monday, October 20, 2008

The Village Voice And Sundries

Roy Edroso of the Village Voice news blog, Runnin' Scared, has written a devastatingly obtuse piece on the Right Blogosphere's opinions on the Palin-SNL appearance.

Amongst the blogs that were highlighted as part of the conservative cabal were the Anchoress, Gateway Pundit, Powerline.

But also included were Kathryn J. Lopez of NRO (last seen waving the white flag of surrender on behalf of Governor Palin), and Ann Althouse, who in turn has surrendered her cruel neutrality at last, seeing as how she'll be voting for Senator Obama and all.

But no matter, they are Right enough, you know?

Sundries was honoured to be amongst those whose opinions they found interesting enough to post. This is what they wrote:

Sundries thought Tina Fey also allowed politics to get in the way of her acting. "Here is the screencapture of the exact moment in the intro skit," he* breathlessly informed us, "where Palin and Fey cross each other... Governor Palin stares her down, and Fey walks stiff-lipped without so much as a glance... Hmm, maybe the tension is just good acting on Palin's part (I think Fey genuinely dislikes her)." To further demonstrate his critical credentials, Sundries opined that Fey's Palin impersonations are "canned, lacking in imagination."

Of course, this Fey opinion was taken out of context, which is apparent to anyone who read my original post on the SNL skits below. But that wasn't what raised my dander.

I stamped my daintily shod foot in protest about the mistaken gender.

To further demonstrate the sexism of the Village Voice writer, the Sundries blogger who is writing at this moment declares that she isn't a "he", but is a woman, British, a graduate of Oxford University who is presently working as a freelance entertainment critic, so please accept these as my bona fides to opine on the SNL skit.

I understand the need to caricature one's ideological opponents, but even a cursory glance at my blog would've given you a tip about my gender, if nothing else.

By the way, I thought both skits were terrific, with extra special palmes going to Amy Poehler.

No matter how potent the barbs, just showing up and showing that you're a good sport is a powerful symbol of grace under pressure. Kudos to all concerned.

Mr. Edroso was then kind enough to add a parenthentical correction.

(* The author of Sundries writes to inform us that she is female and that we are sexist for not noticing.)

Considering this last bit was how he ended his post:

In summation: rightbloggers generally agreed that Tina Fey is ugly, liberals are evil, and laughter is a dangerous weapon.

I think we should be grateful for any type of admission of error, don't you think?

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