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Saturday, October 18, 2008


This is incredible. I only read broadsheet newspapers, and usually don't have internet time for the New York Post -- but in back-to-back posts, I will be posting about them!

I promise you this is funnier (if not, more substantive) than what Michelle Obama snarfs down in her hotel room. It's a story of Guy Ritchie's father calling soon-to-be-ex daughter-in-law, Madonna, "beastly".

The not terribly surprising opinion about Madonna was shown next to this photo, of the woman Guy Ritchie once said looked like a "granny" compared to her backup dancers.

Ouchies...this divorce isn't going to turn out too well, is it? I mean, more than usually for divorces.

That's when I scrolled down for the readers' comments. I literally ell-oh-elled for a minute straight reading this one:

kjjs wrote:
I swear the picture of Madonna above reminds me of high school biology class and the frog you pinned in the tray before disection.

I once got a biology kit for Christmas with that frog! Oh God, I needed that laugh.

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