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Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Bristol's Baby

You know what I'm thinking? That the little boy Johnson (as it is known he will be) will make an appearance on Christmas Day itself.

This is his Uncle Trig's birth announcement, earlier this year. The announcement is interesting, because you can see that probably the original emphasis on the first name was supposed to be Van Palin (a riff on Van Halen, as even Governor Palin admitted once).

Either way, pretty cool having an uncle to play with, as one grows up.

(Incidentally, this photo reminds me of missing commenter Bekah, who received the most beautiful personalised note from Governor Palin. Hope the much-loved Bekah is out there!)

ADDED: Because there is nothing, and I do mean nothing those who hate the Palins will not believe or make up about her:

My prediction was based on having not one but two family members who were born on Christmas Day. To me, it is a natural bit of kismet, and absolutely normal.

But to The Immoral Majority and its readers, if it happens and Bristol Palin's son is indeed born on Christmas, it's all a Machiavellian plot, rivalling Watergate, Kristallnacht and Litvinenko's plutonium poisoning.

Why is it that this woman transforms normal, rational, intelligent people into the most mean-spirited people on earth?

I wouldn't mind their opinions if there were a spark of originality about them. But no, it's all sordid, literalist, small-minded dreck.



  • Gads, I even wrote a song lyric to this effect, about getting older!

    You thought that your career
    was being in Van Halen,
    But now your kids all jeer,
    You've the horn for
    Sarah Palin!

    (sung to the chorus from "Punk Rock Girl" from the Dead Milkmen!)

    By Blogger Ron, at Wed Dec 24, 03:51:00 am GMT-5  

  • Well if Al Gore can have a grandson born on the 4th of July [Christmas Americana], then Sarah Palin can have her first grandson born on Christmas.

    By Blogger Ruth Anne Adams, at Wed Dec 24, 04:24:00 pm GMT-5  

  • The shrieks of conspiracy would never die down--I think Andi Sullivan's head might actually burst like an overripe melon. So I'm hoping you're right.

    Sorry, haven't been online as much lately. Merry Christmas!

    By Blogger Bekah, at Wed Dec 24, 08:32:00 pm GMT-5  

  • I thought the baby was due last week (the 18th)? I was waiting for the announcement.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at Wed Dec 24, 09:06:00 pm GMT-5  

  • Merry Christmas Victoria and friends!

    By Blogger Ms Calabaza, at Wed Dec 24, 09:30:00 pm GMT-5  

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