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Friday, December 19, 2008

How Can You Tell Mika Brzezinski Is A Liberal?

She gets mugged, and she feels guilty about it.

Here is the segment on "Morning Joe" where Joe Scarborough insists on recounting the story to the audience, to her utter discomfiture.

Part of the unease has to do with the fact that they cannot stand each other, and as I watch them some mornings, I feel so uncomfortable, I have to switch channels to something anything, so as not to watch Mika roll her eyes at him in her vacuous way, and Joe not be such a clueless idiot.

Incidentally, I've been mugged too (so was my mother...in D.C.!), and I have only sympathy for Zbigniew's little girl. As it happens to you, you can't believe it. Part of you is brazen, dismissing it as something out of the movies. Then reality sinks in -- anything could've happened.

But in her case, it seems she was aggressively panhandled, rather than mugged.

I come to this conclusion based on the so-far, sketchy details. There is no mention of a gun or the threat of physical aggression. Trust me, muggers don't suggest or bargain about the amount of money they want -- they just say 'give me your money'.

It is suggested that her discomfort also has to do with (the very coincidentally booked) Mayor of DC, Adrian Fenty, appearing later in the show. You just knew Joe was going there again, and he did.

Perhaps too she didn't want to mention the physical description of her assailant, in case it upset people's PC sensibilities.

Obviously, this situation could've ended badly, so I am glad she is okay.

Now that she is, some people around the Blogosphere have this to say:

* she should have busted a cap in his a$$.
oh, I forgot it’s DC.
C C is a no-no.

* Exit question: Did Mika ask the mayor for a $6 reimbursement?

* I’ve been mugged, too.

Mika mugged my heart.

* I think she’s covering something up.

1. A Tylenol Extra deal gone bad.

2. He wanted $20 but she only had $6. I something like this on Cops were a dude tried to stiff a working girl.

3. I forgot three.

4. She came in late and used a mugging as an excuse and now there’s an investigation.

5. It’s a ploy to get that young camera man to escort her. Then she offers him some tea. Then, “It’s kinda hot in here, mind if I unbutton my shirt a little. . .

* Zbig girls don’t cry. Zbig girls don’t cry.
They don’t cry, yie, yie.


* It was Henry Paulson.

Heh. Quite.

And one more.

Mugged ? Cookie selling girls in my neighborhood are more aggressive ! On the Hill they call it lobbying elsewhere panhandling. Welcome to DC.

January 20th, 2009. Not just a day when many Americans will rejoice, but many muggers too. Gird those loins!


Morning F-Bomb

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  • Incidentally, I've been mugged too

    I've never been mugged but I've been "rolled"--sleeping outside at the Villa Borghese in Rome. My memory is pretty hazy--I was half asleep--but I woke up with nothing of value.

    By Blogger chickenlittle, at Fri Dec 19, 12:45:00 pm GMT-5  

  • Pathetic story of a begging gone badly. Has this person never been to Pelosiville?

    Them's some serious beggars.

    By Blogger dr kill, at Fri Dec 19, 07:05:00 pm GMT-5  

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