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Thursday, April 07, 2005

Blogger.com Hiccups

I'm writing this on the Thursday to Friday, so as to inform you that Blogger.com is having problems again with their servers. I have found two sites of interest, however.

One is the Status site for updates should they be available. The other is a weblog on Google about Blogs in general, and a story on Blogger in particular.

The trick, which definitely worked for me, is to erase all your cookies and relaunch your browser. Until I did so, I spent almost half-an-hour refreshing, trying to get out the Pope Funeral post. *sigh*

And it seems, as mentioned in the second link, that the reason Blogger.com is having problems is not a server issue but one of simple electricity. They literally have no juice.

Please tell me they are headquartered in Iraq. Otherwise, that's ridiculous.


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