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Monday, January 19, 2009

Those Dapper Florentines

Since many commenters liked my Sartorialist blogpost a week ago, I return with three of my favourite snaps in that hallowed blog.

Florence is cold and rainy in January, but that never stopped Florentines from looking FABU anyway. Today, the men get their fair share of attention.


I rarely wear jeans, though I have these Diesels that really flatter my complexion, but this man is wearing his with a pitch perfect attention to colour and fabric.

I'm almost sure that gorgeous coat is a Barbour jacket, which I used to favour in the UK.

It's possibly the Eksdale, which costs a pretty penny in any country. But that's precisely why it works. This fashion snap is almost impossible to imagine being pulled off with such élan in any country but Italy.

Incidentally, this post was entitled "Spinning Class". Heh.


I have a confession to make. I adore, simply adore Italian leather. For years I have dreamt of having precisely the colour gloves worn by this gentleman, but only for an old-fashioned messenger bag, the kind that was toted around by Dag Hammarskjöld and such.

Incidentally, these gloves work for him overall, but if you want to be picky about it, it's overkill with the boots and the bulky pea-green, Martha Stewart K-Mart line scarf.

The Sartorialist called this series of photos "the finishing touch", since each of them uses a defining article of clothing to complete the look.

Please note that one should never wear red, ever, anywhere, on one's person when already wearing burgundy. It's a big fashion no-no, and I'm glad his commenters picked up on it.

But perhaps it's the stove-pipe pants, which are in fashion at the moment, or the shininess of the shoes (I love a man with unscuffed lace-ups) but these peek-a-boo socks work.

The true sign of a perfectionist is wearing something no one or few will see. This is why Erich von Stroheim spent a fortune on monogrammed, silken underpants for extras playing Austro-Hungarian officers, in one of his films.

Don't do it for anyone but yourself, and you will feel immensely rewarded.

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  • Agree--the boots, gloves, scarf... a bit too much

    I have to admit these men look good, but I am not used to seeing (straight) men this put together. I have trouble seeing them as regular guys. They are attractive, but not appealing to me.

    the bulky pea-green, Martha Stewart K-Mart line scarf.

    This kills me! Perfect.

    By Blogger knox, at Tue Jan 20, 09:13:00 am GMT-5  

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